Future Events


Project Coordinator, Dr Mercè Boada will present MOPEAD at the Neuronet annual networking and communication event. This will take place at Alzheimer Europe's Conference in The Hague. 

The Hague, The Netherlands

October 23rd 2019 - October 25th 2019


Project Coordinator, Dr Mercè Boada will present MOPEAD at the 43rd World Hospital Congress in Oman. This event is held annualy and organised by the International Hospital Federation (IHF).

Muscat, Oman

November 6th 2019 - November 9th 2019

Past Events


MOPEAD Project partner Fundació ACE participated in the VI Malaga Conference on Alzheimer’s that took place on 16th May in Malaga, Spain. Project Coordinator, Dr. Mercè Boada presented the latest progresses of MOPEAD at the meeting in front of a large audience of Alzheimer’s and dementia professionals. Read more.

IMI projects photo.jpg

Members of the MOPEAD Communication Team took part in an exciting Projects Communication Event organised by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) which brought together representatives from IMI projects who are at the forefront of communicating the achievements and goals of IMI's eclectic portfolio in Health Research and Innovation. Read more.

IMI Communication Event, Brussels 2019.


A special Symposium was organised by MOPEAD at Alzheimer Europe's 28th Conference in Barcelona, on 30th October 2018. Over 75 conference delegates came to hear about the progress and goals of the IMI-funded project. Read more.

MOPEAD Symposium at Alzheimer Europe Conference, Barcelona 2018.

14. AE logo.jpg

The MOPEAD project was presented at Alzheimer Europe’s European Parliament lunch debate focusing on improving the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease thanks to European research collaboration. Read more.

Alzheimer Europe’s European Parliament lunch debate, 2017.


MOPEAD was at the CTAD conference in Boston, 4th November 2017. The project took part in a focus panel titled "Pre-screening Initiatives to Identify Individuals with Preclinical or Early Alzheimer;s disease for Clinical Trials". Read more.

CTAD, Boston 2017.

merce boada.jpg

A delegation from Fundació ACE participated in the biannual meeting of the European Alzheimer's Disease Consortium (EADC) in Leipzig (Germany). At the meeting, that took place on April 11th -12th, Dr. Mercè Boada presented the MOPEAD project which she has lead since 2016. Read more.

EADC, Leipzig 2019

Thessaloniki Free.jpg

Project Coordinator Dr. Mercè Boada will presented a lecture on MOPEAD on Saturday 16th February at the 11th Panhellenic Conference on Alzheimer's Disease & 3rd Mediterranean Conference on Neurodegenerative Diseases PICAD & MeCoND in Thessaloniki, Greece. Read more.

11th Panhellenic Conference on Alzheimer's Disease,Thessaloniki, 2019.

MOPEAD illustrates how it can support earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia at Alzheimer Europe's third Alzheimer’s Association Academy.

Alzheimer Europe's third Alzheimer’s Association Academy, 2017. 


The MOPEAD project was presented at a Symposium supported by Eli Lilly and organised by Alzheimer Europe on 4 October 2017 at its annual conference in Berlin. Read more.

Alzheimer Europe annual conference in Berlin, 2017.


On 21 October 2017, David Krivec (Secretary General at Spominčica - Alzheimer Slovenija) presented the MOPEAD project at the 9th Alzheimer Slovenia Conference (ASK 2017) during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the association. Read more.

9th Alzheimer Slovenia Conference (ASK), 2017. 

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