MOPEAD at the IMI Communication Event in Brussels.

Members of the MOPEAD Communication Team travelled to Brussels this week to take part in an exciting Projects Communication Event organised by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) which brought together representatives from many IMI projects who are at the forefront of communicating the achievements and goals of IMI's eclectic portfolio in Health Research and Innovation.

The day was full with a variety of talks from experts in communication, social media and was punctuated by lively discussion and the exchanging of ideas. Best practices were shared from the EPAD Project, the HARMONY Alliance and the ELF Project - all of which deliver outstanding communication in their respective fields. The MOPEAD Team were also thrilled to be cited as an example of good practice of IMI acknowledgement by the IMI External Relations Manager, Catherine Brett! The inclusion of a variety of workshops allowed representatives from different projects to brain storm new ideas together and problem solve potential hurdles in communication.

The goal of the event was to provide projects with information and networking opportunities to help improve the way we communicate about our project to stakeholders and new audiences. A sense of innovation and collaboration underpinned the day's proceedings, and we left the day with a renewed knowledge of the support of the Innovative Medicines Initiative and the European Commission in our efforts to showcase the very best of our projects.

The MOPEAD Communication Team can't wait to put into practice our learnings from the event, so keep an eye out on our website for future updates!

You can find full details of the event on the IMI website here.

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