MOPEAD 5th Consortium Meeting in Cologne

The MOPEAD Consortium held their 5th and final Consortium Meeting at the University Hospital Cologne on the 1st and 2nd of October.

The meeting brought together the consortium to discuss the final few months of the project and how to best use the results from MOPEAD's four Patient Engagement Models.

On day one, after a warm welcome from our hosts at the University Hospital of Cologne, Project Leader Laura Campo from ELI Lilly and Project Coordinator Mercè Boada of Fundacio ACE extended their thanks to each partner for their continued collaboration over the entire project.

The meeting then focused primarily on the exciting preliminary results from our four engagement models or strategies. MOPEAD project partner GMV presented data collected from each model to the whole consortium which prompted fresh insights, discussion and possible collaborations.

It is clear that by harnessing these results, the MOPEAD consortium will be able to provide multiple stakeholders including clinicians, general practitioners, policy makers, patients and carers with valuable insights into the benefits of timely diagnosis.

This provided an excellent introduction to the second day of the meeting which was all about publications! The consortium discussed our ambitious publication plan which will ensure maximum impact of the results of the project. Not only were key publications relating to the results of each patient engagement model presented, other innovative aspects of the project including the MOPEAD GP Questionnaire and an overview of the Ethics of MOPEAD were discussed.

All of MOPEAD's forthcoming publications will ensure the scientific and healthcare community will benefit from the projects results for many years to come and actively contribute to shifting the paradigm towards timely diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Stay up to date with all of our publications on our website and Twitter.

To close the meeting Mercè Boada and Laura Campo once again thanked the consortium for their hard work over the past few years.

Read the full press release here.

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