MOPEAD at Alzheimer Europe Conference in Berlin

04 October 2017

Alzheimer Europe organised a Symposium supported by Eli Lilly on 4 October 2017 at its annual conference in Berlin. The symposium titled “Engaging with Patient Organizations within the IMI Consortia to inform quality, relevance and value in Alzheimer’s research – insights from MOPEAD, EPAD and ROADMAP”, explored how these three public-private consortia sponsored by Horizon 2020 under the auspices of IMI and EFPIA, are tackling AD across its continuum.

- MOPEAD (Models of Patient Engagement in Alzheimer’s disease) presented by Dr Mercè Boada aims to improve timely diagnosis of AD through citizens’ participation;

- EPAD (European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia) presented by Prof. Craig Ritchie is pioneering novel approaches to clinical trials in AD;

- ROADMAP (Real world Outcomes across the Alzheimer’s Disease spectrum for better care: Multi-modal data Access Platform) presented by Dr Catherine Reed will use real world evidence to assess the value of new medicines.

The panellists discussed the key aspects of these projects and engaged in a dialogue with patients, carers and their representatives on their active role as partners in these multi-stakeholders research efforts. Patients are and must continue to be prime partners in dementia research.

04/05 October 2017: MOPEAD Consortium meets in Berlin

The MOPEAD Consortium met in Berlin after the Alzheimer Europe annual conference. The Consortium also invited a pool of external Advisors who enriched the MOPEAD implementation plan with their insight.

The meeting kicked off on the evening of October 4th, when the Experts could get a deeper insight into the project and discussions started. The next day, each Work Package leader presented progress made in the four models of patient engagement strategies (Citizens Science, Open House, primary care-based engagement, tertiary care/endocrinologists-based engagement). At the end of the meeting, the Experts (industry representatives of EPAD and ROADMAP, two other IMI-funded projects) were invited to share their thoughts about the project development and way forward as well as ways of creating synergies across projects. The IMI representative attending the meeting also gave a few recommendations and forward thinking ideas about the project deliverables.

Challenges and solutions were finally discussed in a very engaging environment, among encouragements and watch outs that the group will address along the way. The MOPEAD group is on their final steps before starting recruitments and overall positively engaged to make MOPEAD a successful project.

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