RUN 1 AD CItizen Science

GMV is a leading and innovative ICT Company that has developed a complete portfolio of healthcare products, solutions and services. Its experience in very diverse sectors brings the opportunity to provide a team composed by experts in the following fields: big data and data curation, eHealth, on-line marketing, system analysis, web and mobile development, usability and graphic design. All of them ingredients for a successful Citizen Science approach.

Inmaculada Pérez Garro, GMV’s project leader, is Director of Spanish East Region for GMV. She has dedicated her professional career to the development of ICT systems, specially focused in the healthcare sector. Now, from an executive profile, she devotes her efforts to boost innovative eHealth solutions based on ICT.

What is AD Citizen Science?

The concept of Citizen Science can be described as public participation in scientific research using the web. The development of new technologies is leading to an exponential growth of projects and initiatives based on Citizen Science. This approach will be used in MOPEAD with the aim of detecting people with cognitive impairment among general population.

How will Citizen Science support MOPEAD’s goals?

First, the Citizen Science web page will provide reliable information about Alzheimer´s disease (AD) for the general public accessing the webpage, people with AD and caregivers as well as networking opportunities. The web contents will emphasize the importance and value of an early diagnosis.

MOPEAD Citizen Science activity is designed to reach a big number of citizens through an online marketing campaign, thus contributing to a global paradigm shift towards early diagnosis.

Second, the Citizen Science activity will give citizens the opportunity to check their memory using online cognitive tests. Thereby, AD Citizen Science will be an innovative screening approach based on new technologies for the detection of people with undiagnosed cognitive impairment among the general population. MOPEAD will test the efficiency of this new approach and compare it with other innovative screening strategies implemented in the project.

How will this run be performed?

For the purpose of MOPEAD Citizen Science, online advertisement campaign adapted to each MOPEAD country will be developed. Through these online campaigns, as many citizens as possible will be attracted to the Citizen Science web page where a series of validated questions will be asked to them. Their responses will trigger messages informing them about their state of cognitive situation and susceptibility to enrol in further tests to confirm the initial diagnosis. This online campaign and screening process will be implemented simultaneously in the 5 MOPEAD countries.

How will participants be recruited?

Nowadays a vast number of people search Google, Bing or other search engines about symptoms or diseases. As such, it is possible to find people worried about specific diseases based on their internet searches. MOPEAD will implement an online marketing campaign in which citizens worried about their memory and AD will be identified. When citizens search the web using specific key words, an advertisement will appear in their browser. When clicking on the advertisement, the visitor will be directed to the Citizen Science web page, where information about AD will be given as well as an invitation to undergo online cognitive tests. The citizens whose performance in these tests is lower than expected will be advised to visit a MOPEAD memory clinic in order to get a full diagnostic evaluation.

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