RUN 2 The Open House Initiative

Dr. Mercè Boada is a neurologist, co-founder and medical director of Fundació ACE. She has published 150 scientific papers. As a PI she has been conducting over 110 clinical trials since 1996. She is focused on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. She has developed her professional career in Catalonia and Spain and has become a referent in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. She is currently responsible for RUN 2 (The Open House Initiative) of MOPEAD.

What is the Open House Initiative?

Since 2008, Open House days have been a key Fundació ACE activity, regularly offering free memory check-ups. This initiative has been launched under the slogan “If you check your cholesterol and sugar… why not check your memory too?”. The main objective is to raise awareness on the role of memory and promote early detection.

Open House days take place once a month at Fundació ACE’s Memory Clinic. People over 55 years old who have made an appointment are offered a free assessment of memory, language and other cognitive functions.

The initiative is entirely funded by Fundació ACE as an action of corporate social responsibility. Fundació ACE provides the medical staff (neurologists, neuropsychologists and psychologists ) who poses a set of neuropsychological questions to the participants. The questions are the same as those used within the diagnostic process panel.

The aim of the Open House initiative is to make the apparently healthy population aware of the importance knowing their mental performance. In case they have memory complaints or cognitive impairment an early detection can be made, taking into account the importance of prevention and early diagnosis.

How will the Open House support MOPEAD’s goals?

The Open House initiative helps detect cases of subjective memory complaint and mild cognitive impairment which might otherwise be overseen. It actively contributes to the early detection and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease in people at risk. In addition it helps spread the word among the population living near a Memory Clinic about the relevance of memory.

How will the Open House be performed?

In the context of MOPEAD, the Open House will be carried out in Memory Clinics in five European countries at the same time. The Open House pre-screening method will strongly rely on the neuropsychological assessment of the individual. The pre-screening protocol is intended to be administered by a neuropsychologist and it will consist of a complex memory test.

How will participants be recruited?

The recruitment is offline and depends mostly on the dissemination activities of each Memory Clinic. A communication strategy has been designed to list the actions Fundació ACE has carried out during the last few years to improve recruitment.

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